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  • Temporary Sellers @ $35/ML            Temporary Buyers @ $30/ML

  • WATER WANTED: Temporary Lachlan Surface Water 500ML @ $50/ML   +   Permanent Lachlan Surface Water 2000ML @ $540/ML   |   WATER WANTED: Permanent Lower Lachlan Groundwater - 800ML @ $1200/ML   

  • $60 per ML paid for Surface Water Carryover Space (Carryover Capacity) for MIA, CICL and River     |     Forward Water FOR SALE @ $120/ML

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More than DOUBLE our target raised for the National Breast Cancer Foundation

More than DOUBLE our target raised for the National Breast Cancer Foundation

Thank you to all who have shown support for the Wilks Water Pink Ribbon Morning Tea held on Monday 20/10/14.
When planning our event, we had set a fundraising goal of $200.00. 

I am pleased to announce that we have raised more than double that, with a grand total of $425.00.

This full amount has been donated directly to the National Breast Cancer Foundation of Australia.

I would like to extend a special thanks to Simon at Storehouse Deli, Café & Catering for his assistance with catering, and to Harvey Norman Wagga Wagga for donating the use of Nespresso equipment for the morning tea.

Thank you to Kate Cowdroy-Ling for volunteering her time on the day and honourable mention to Wilks Water management and staff for baking and preparing a delicious spread for all to enjoy!

A big thanks to all those who attended the morning tea. We understand it is a very busy time and greatly appreciate your efforts to pop in for the event. We had a great time, and hope you did too!

Kind Regards,

Amy-Lou Cowdroy-Ling

Marketing and Public Relations Specialist


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