• WANTED: High Security Murrumbidgee $3,500/ML

  • Temporary Sellers @ $35/ML            Temporary Buyers @ $30/ML

  • WATER WANTED: Temporary Lachlan Surface Water 500ML @ $50/ML   +   Permanent Lachlan Surface Water 2000ML @ $540/ML   |   WATER WANTED: Permanent Lower Lachlan Groundwater - 800ML @ $1200/ML   

  • $60 per ML paid for Surface Water Carryover Space (Carryover Capacity) for MIA, CICL and River     |     Forward Water FOR SALE @ $120/ML

  • How would you like to receive a guaranteed $60/ML for your '17/'18 season allocation in excess of 70% - paid in early July - before it is even allocated or if it is allocated at all?? Call us to find out how!

Allocation Announcement as at 15/11/16

Next allocation announcement 01/12/16
System Security Increase Allocation
New South Wales      
Murrumbidgee River High Security 5% 100%
Murrumbidgee River General Security 24% 100%
Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area High Security 5% 100%
Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area General Security 24% 100%

Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area - Tier 3 Delivery Entitlements

Additional Allocation
Coleambally Irrigation Co-operative High Security 100%
Coleambally Irrigation Co-operative General Security
NSW Murray High Security 3% 100%
NSW Murray General Security 28%
Lachlan Regulated River High Security
Nil 100%
Lachlan Regulated River
General Security
Nil 124%
NSW Lower Darling High Security
Nil 100%
NSW Lower Darling General Security Nil 100%
VIC Murray High Reliability Nil 100%
VIC Murray Low Reliability Nil 0% 
Goulburn Murray High Reliability Nil 100%
Goulburn Murray Low Reliability Nil 0%
Broken High Reliability Nil 100%
Broken Low Reliabilty 39% 100% 
Campaspe High Reliability Nil 100%
Campaspe Low Reliability Nil 100% 
Loddon High Reliability Nil 100%
Loddon Low Reliability Nil 0% 
Bullarook Creek High Reliability Nil 100%
Bullarook Creek Low Reliability Nil 100% 
South Australia      
River Murray
Class 3a  
Lower Lachlan Groundwater  Deep Aquifer 100%
Lower Lachlan Groundwater  Supplementary 10%
Lower Murrumbidgee Groundwater Shallow Aquifer 100%
Lower Murrumbidgee Groundwater Deep Aquifer 100%
Lower Murray Groundwater All 100%