• WANTED: High Security Murrumbidgee $3,500/ML

  • Temporary Sellers @ $35/ML            Temporary Buyers @ $30/ML

  • WATER WANTED: Temporary Lachlan Surface Water 500ML @ $50/ML   +   Permanent Lachlan Surface Water 2000ML @ $540/ML   |   WATER WANTED: Permanent Lower Lachlan Groundwater - 800ML @ $1200/ML   

  • $60 per ML paid for Surface Water Carryover Space (Carryover Capacity) for MIA, CICL and River     |     Forward Water FOR SALE @ $120/ML

  • How would you like to receive a guaranteed $60/ML for your '17/'18 season allocation in excess of 70% - paid in early July - before it is even allocated or if it is allocated at all?? Call us to find out how!

Forward Water is the sale or purchase of a specific volume of water at an agreed price for temporary transfer to the buyer in the next water year or for an agreed number of water years. 

This ‘forward’ sale of water gives the seller certainty of the number of megalitres he has to have available for temporary transfer and the price he will receive. The buyer can plan his irrigation cropping program and budgets, knowing the price he will need to pay. 

This water product removes the price uncertainty for both buyer and seller. It may be that a buyer will pay a premium for forward water as it eliminates both price and supply uncertainty. 

If this product is of interest please give me a call or complete the online enquiry form available on this site. 
The water market is particularly volatile, should the information provided on this site not meet your needs or answer your query, please contact me by phone 02 6931 8522 or email tom@wilkswater.com.au  

Forward Water - All Areas

Forward water areas include Murrumbidgee Irrigation and River, Lower Murrumbidgee Groundwater Zones 1, 2 and 3, and the Lachlan River.

For Sale All Areas

Seller Ref. Source Volume (ML) Price ($)/ML List Date  Additional Information
F1120 Lower Murrumbidgee Groundwater Zone 2 1,000 $50.00 11/10/16
F1125 Lachlan River 500-800 $75.00 12/12/16 Subject to Current Season Sale
F1130  Murrumbidgee River  400  $120.00  10/01/17   
F1129  Murrumbidgee Irrigation  1500  $120.00  10/01/17   
F1128  Murrumbidgee Irrigation  2,000  $140.00  10/01/17   
F1133 NSW Murray  2,000  $150.00 19/01/17
F1126 Murrumbidgee River 500 $160.00 19/12/16  
F1121 Murrumbidgee Irrigation 2,000 $185.00 24/11/16  
F1127 Murray Irrigation 500 $185.00 19/12/16  

Wanted All Areas

Buyer Ref. Source Volume (ML) Price ($)/ML List Date  Additional Information
F1132  Lower Murrumbidgee Groundwater Zone 2  500  $35.00  11/01/17  O.N.O 
F1131  Lower Murrumbidgee Groundwater Zone 2 500  $10.00  11/01/17   
F1121 Murrumbidgee Irrigation 500 $110.00 24/11/16

Past Sales All Areas

 Date Source ML Price ($)/ML  Additional information