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  • Zone 1, 2 & 3 Lower Murrumbidgee Groundwater WANTED - Temporary & Permanent

  • Permanent Murrumbidgee High Security WANTED @ $6,000/ML (wet)

  • Temporary water WANTED for immediate payment & delivery as well as 2019 deferred delivery

  • Permanent Murrumbidgee General Security FOR SALE 50ML @ $2,200/ML (dry)


* Required

Forward Water
Carryover Capacity

Murrumbidgee River
Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area
Coleambally Irrigation
Lachlan River
NSW Murray River
Lower Murrumbidgee Groundwater
Lower Murray Groundwater
Lower Lachlan Groundwater
Murray Irrigation Limited
VIC Murray Zone 1A
VIC Murray Zone 2
VIC Murray Zone 3
VIC Murray Zone 4A
VIC Murray Zone 6
VIC Murray Zone 7
VIC Murray Zone 9A
SA Murray Zone 12


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  • It is assumed that all water listed for sale is available in the seller's water account and can be transferred to the purchaser at time of approval by the Water Authority
  • The buyer is to pay all transfer fees (State Water Transfer Fees are $50 + $0.50 per ML to a maximum of $150.00 per transfer, MIA Fees, when transferring water out of MIA is a $75 Application fee, CICL Fees, when transferring water into or out of CICL, $130 per farm, Goulburn Murray Water & Lower Murray Water Fee $61.90 per application.)
  • The money will be held in Water Exchange Australia Pty Ltd Trust Account on the vendors behalf until the water transfer has been approved by the water authority, at which time money will be transferred to the vendor, if not approved money will be refunded.
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